Make betting predictions from the past matches

When talking about sports betting one of the most common questions discussed in every betting forum is if it is possible to make predictions based on past performances of the team. Can we find a relation between what has happened in the past and what is going to happen in the future? The idea is simple. If you have a match between Manchester United and Aston Villa for example, you can compare how they ended up over the last years and make enough probable assumption that things will be repeated. Thus you will be able to find a sufficiently safe bet.

Of course, everyone who knows something about betting is aware that in a single match that betting on soccercannot happen at 100%. In the match for example the players of one of the teams may have a bad day. They can miss a penalty or even two and thus fail the betting prediction. However, when we talk about 100 or even 1000 matches then the miss of a penalty can’t be significant.

The simplest way to compare past matches is to simply check how many matches in the last ten seasons ended with over or under 2.5 goals. Let’s say, if 7 of 10 matches between the teams finished with more than 2.5 total scored goals and the coefficient for the same bet is 2, then we have a pretty sure bet that in this match the number of total scored goals will be at least three and thus our bet will win.

Of course, there are many more complex betting systems to assess how many goals will be scored in a match. They take into account not only the past meetings between the two teams, but also cover the latest games played in the league. This betting systems deal not only with the number of goals, but also with the goal attempts which a team created and how many of them are realized.

The idea of a betting system to make predictions for us is not bad, as it is almost impossible for a gambler to succeed in a long time counting only on his/her own strengths. The tiredness of betting or another factor will inevitably lead to accumulation of losses if you bet subjectively. This is why we need a system to help us for making the predictions. The problem with finding a working betting system is that we still haven’t found a system that can certainly provide the needed success rate.

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